Civic Ag. Job postings

This site has some great agriculture internships and job postings. Some relate to gardening education another that was cool was being a director of a community garden in Washington D.C. It’s fun to see opportunities for paid civic Ag. jobs around the country. It makes me hopeful!


City of Eugene Composting & Urban Agriculture Website

People may have already come across the City of Eugene’s Urban Ag in their research, but I found it and it had so many helpful documents that I had to share. Over in the box on the left side of the page are links to all sorts of documents that could be helpful for people’s projects. Included is the Lane County Food Market Analysis that Harper posted a link to earlier, as well as an analysis of Eugene’s food security situation, and a few others that could be really helpful.


What is a foodshed?

“The term “foodshed” is similar to the concept of a watershed: while watersheds outline the flow of water supplying a particular area, foodsheds outline the flow of food feeding a particular area. Your foodshed encompasses the farm, your table and everything in between.

The modern US foodshed includes the entire world. Much of our food traverses the globe to reach our dinner table. In fact, food can often travel back and forth thousands of miles to different processing plants before it eventually reaches you.

Foodsheds are particularly useful in describing and promoting local food systems. When we look at our agricultural system in terms of the origins and pathways of our food items, then it becomes easier to expand these pathways and focus them at the local level.”




Other civic agriculture developments

This is a post on one of my favorite blogs by the greenhorns website. If you don’t know it it check them out online. Anyways this post is an example of small scale programs for communal education of agriculture and “craft” skills in Virginia. Students learn skills with the intention of going out and helping communities build common gardens and local food systems. It is similar to our class topic, but more hands on and physical. There are lots of cool options out there.