Vertical Farming: A solution to food insecurity?

This might be especially of interest to the Technoregon group, but I thought this was an interesting look at a proposed vertical farming project in Europe. Although I believe innovative solutions to growing food insecurity are essential, I have to worries about vertical farming:

1) Energy inputs. How much energy does it take to build and maintain a facility like this?

2) Does this still distance consumer from where our food comes from, the ground?? I feel like seeing food grown in these giant buildings still causes a disconnect in the food production cycle, and it will leave consumers, especially kids, not realizing how dependent they are on the soil/air/nutrients that are what truly grows food.

Blueberries… or Blue #2?

This video by shows the extremely deceptive marketing ploys many companies use when selling foods that are contain “blueberries”. Next time you’rr out at the store picking up a box of something with scrumptious looking blueberries on the cover, it’s imperative you look at the ingredients to make sure that you’re really getting blueberries and not the ‘ol switcheroo of Blue #’s 1 & 2, Red #40,  various sweeteners and blueberry “puree” (if you’re lucky). These sort of deceptive marketing practices are disgusting; they make it hard for those who may want to eat a bit healthier by tricking them into thinking they are, when in reality the food they buy is anything but.

World’s greatest steak rub?

In search of style points and the ultimate steak rub.. I came up with the following recipe. Use it on steak or even chicken or pork chops. For you vegetarians out there it probably tastes good on Tofu too.

first step is to take your meat and rub it down with balsamic vinegar. Not enough to drip off, but enough to coat all sides of the cut with a thin layer. The acidity of the vinegar breaks down fibers of the meat a little bit and adds just a bit of a tang to the taste.

Now on to the rub:

Take dual parts clove, roasted paprika, and add to this mixture some chili powder, cumin, cardamom, a pinch of cayenne, and some freshly ground salt and pepper. Now take your meat with balsamic and lightly coat with the mixture of spices.

Cook to your liking and enjoy.

-Adam T.

Should Sugar Be Regulated Like Alcohol?

This debate came on the radio the other day and it is a very good debate in my opinion. I highly recommend listening to it.

February 17, 2012

Writing in the journal Nature, UCSF pediatrician Robert Lustig and colleagues suggest regulating sugar just like alcohol and tobacco—with taxes and age limits, for example—due to what they call the “toxic” effects of too much sweet stuff. Education, they say, is not enough.

Listen to the Story:

Should Sugar be Regulated?